About Dionne

Author, Artist, Minister, Spiritual  Mentor and Creative Coach.

Dionne White is a soul on fire with a passion to awaken, unlock and activate others in spirit, soul and body. It is her heart cry to see revival and reform in every life and she is determined to do her part to make that happen. 


As a prophetic intercessor, teacher, and mentor she thrives on ministering, imparting and teaching others about the Spirit filled life.  Dionne's whole-person, Holy Spirit-filled approach is delivered in word, action, and art.  She is a female prophetic voice in the body of Christ with a fresh and practical teaching approach. The Art of Freedom Paradigm© gives individuals valuable and fundamental biblical teaching truths on spirit, soul, and body that helps them to obtain  peace, joy, and healing, resulting in whole person transformation, ultimately awakening them to the truth and who God created them to be.


Dionne's radical pursuit of the Lord began in 1990 with her first "God Encounter"which led to her full Christian conversion in September of 1995. Two years later she met her husband at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida and commenced forward in full-time ministry for years to come. Both her and her husband attended A.P.E.P.T. International Bible College in Newton, Iowa and received their ministry credentials. As a disciple of Jesus, Dionne considers herself a life long student of the word of God. 

Beginning in 2015, Dionne experienced a radical and accelerated whole-person deliverance, healing and transformation. This experience included several supernatural God Encounters which she has documented in her book The Art of Freedom©.  Dionne went from taking almost two dozen medications for over a decade to taking none and lost eighty pounds in the process. She has maintained these incredible results to date. 


Her mission is to blaze a path to peace for people, building their faith through her own personal story of radical faith, healing, and creativity . She boldly shares her story and her gifts in order for others to experience the incredible life-changing power of truth, forgiveness, mindset renewal, prophetic revelation and art by partnering with Holy Spirit. As one who has suffered from multiple chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, obesity, and more, Dionne is out to help “set others free” giving them hope to believe for freedom and live an abundant life promised by Jesus Christ this side of heaven. Her ministry is rooted in the Isaiah 61 prophecy. 


Dionne identified as an artist from a very young age and recognized the mental and emotional health benefits from art in her young adult days.  Due to the impact the creative arts had on Dionne in regards to her mental, emotional, and physical healing she is passionate about sharing her message “The positive power of art and mental health” and advocates for this cause of whole-person wellness founded in biblical principles. She explains the powerful effects of creative divine flow and creative spiritual transformation© in her book. 


She is leading others in a revolutionary way to believe for a different outcome rather than the “cards they were dealt”. This is the mission behind her ministry and The Transformed Life Tribe©. These are people who are experiencing life in what she calls The Freedom Zone©.

Along with art, Dionne is a lover of books, particularly christian spiritual growth books, music and worship arts, a good cappuccino, nature, and road trips, especially when they lead to the beach which she calls her sandy and watery “green pasture”. Dionne, a NE Ohio native, resides in South Carolina with her husband and two children.