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He Hears Your Tears

"HE HEARS YOUR TEARS" — A phrase that came to me in prayer many years ago during a season of deep emotional pain, those seasons when you can’t speak but only cry in his presence. Let me encourage and comfort you today by saying, “He hears your tears!”

I know I’ve written about this before but I feel we need reminded that tears are a language. They truly are a language that God himself created. The liquid tears even have structure and memory.

And in the word “hear” and “tear” is the word “ear”.

Know this today — when you cry and shed your tears before the Lord you have his ear! He hears you.

Please read the original writing below the image of "He Hears Your Tears".

He Hears Your Tears

(Reflections from my journal)

After a tearful prayer time with the Lord I hear "He hears your tears". The Holy Spirit was bringing comfort to me immediately. He is our comforter and he was fulfilling that at this moment. As I am writing down this simple phrase "He hears our tears" something occurs to me. The word ears is in both of those words.

What do we do with our ears?

We listen and so does God. God is listening to us through our tears when we are void of words. Have you ever had that deep spiritual aching inside? Even a groaning like you are giving birth. Sometimes crying is all I can do when I am in intercession prayer. I go to that deep secret place and feel the heart of God. This is known as travailing prayer. Crying is a language that can cross language boundaries in the natural. You can see into people's hearts by their tears. Whether they are tears of disappointment, sadness, pain, or joy. Tears are a language. Just as babies and toddlers cry to communicate we too as Believers cry out to Abba our Father in the spirit at times.

In a day where there are words everywhere...the phone, in school, work, chatting online, emails, texts and billboards. You name it, speech and words are everywhere. We are inundated with talk and words. Some good, some bad, some just useless. We have to filter this from our minds through our spiritual intake valve. Filter it. As we hear stuff we need to know if this is something we can keep or something we need to throw back out. We need to be immersing ourselves in the word of God, spending time in His presence and surrounding ourselves with like minded Christian Sisters and Brothers.

Also with clean music and comedy otherwise it's gotta go! The way we filter is by spending time in prayer, praying in our prayer language to build up our spirits, spending time in worship and meditation. This prepares our spirits and helps us to discern what is coming in. We need to put in positive thoughts and not negative. To put in cleanliness not filth, to put in powerful life giving words not toxic disabling words. Working not to absorb things that will make us short circuit in our minds and hearts. It is okay to be speechless sometimes. That way we can hear what the Father is saying. I have found that I talk less and less these days. I want my words to mean something when I speak. I want my words to be His words. I want my words to heal, inspire, encourage and impact for the greater good. So let our words be few and the ones we do speak be pleasing to the Father. Have you ever tried crying and talking at the same time? It's difficult.

Tears are cleansing physically and emotionally. Even Jesus wept. I can tell you about many times in my life when I have cried through a prayer time, pouring my heart out in tears and wouldn't you know it that burden that was on my heart received an answered prayer. It's not coincidence. My Lord heard the cry of my heart and it moved Him. He is a good and compassionate Father.

He desires us to be healthy in all ways. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Rest in the precious promise today that our Lord hears our tears. In the midst of this chaotic world there is peace in that promise. He knows our thoughts and knows the desires of our heart. His thoughts towards us are countless. His thoughts for us outnumber the sands by the sea. His love for us crosses the language barrier of our hearts. We are His beloved and He bottles those tears we cry.

Psalm 126:5 Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting.

Psalm 56:8 You have taken account of my wanderings; Put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book? 

So be encouraged and comforted today knowing He hears your tears!

Written by Dionne White 

8/15/2016 (the night before her daughter Anna’s spinal surgery)

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